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I have been an Artist since I can remember. I have always felt the urge to create.​

It's a lifelong process, and there is no end to the learning.


​Now, in 2016, I have moved into an unprecedented period of creative output due to two things: an actual studio at my house dedicated to painting, and a new combination of mediums--Yupo and slow-dry acrylic.


The best creation is always the one still to come, and in the meantime, I find the way to get there is by working your way along, learning from the many mistakes and creating a few winners along the way.


It's the way of all Artists.

i See many things in life as Art,  from cooking vegetarian meals to designing landscapes and gardens, and looking after our midcentury  modern house, two rescue dogs and my lovely wife Lisa.  Somehow there is still time for painting and making Artwork in the more traditional sense of the word.

Among the Artists that have had an influence on me:

Helen Frankenthaler



Van Gogh


William T Wiley