Wandering towards Tuscany

When someone stands looking at a painting, they often do not realize the crazy changes that might have gone on with it before it became what they see in front of them. Not all Artists work the same way. There are some Artists, ( I have heard of them , though possibly its just a rumor) that know exactly what they intend to do, and with a photograph in hand, off they go. Boring. Methodical. Efficient. And rather Sane. They often get paintings done pretty quickly I hear. And then there are Artists like me. Who start with a vague idea, existing only in their heads, and change it again and again until they get something they like, or maybe ruin something good they had at some point, or els


My painting "White Bird, red sky" was purchased by Children's Hospital in 2015. We went to hear some music tonight. And as is usually the case, there was a warm-up guy. Sometimes warm-up acts are great, but other times, well, really, they can just be something to endure. This one ended up in the "keep looking at your watch" category. However, if nothing else, at least it made me think about something. Here on stage before us was someone who had obviously spent a lifetime honing his considerable talents. A world of effort, and love, and hope had been poured into the effort. And it was a great thing for him to be willing to put himself out there, to have that courage. And yet here we were, l

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