Solo Show: "Still Life with Cataclysm"

A couple years ago now, I chanced to start working with a new medium and new substrate. My first solo show, "Still Life with Cataclysm" (named for the painting shown above), is a sampling of images that have emerged, usually without any intention on my part, over the course of that time. Many of my early pieces were not much to look at as a whole, but I noticed there were sometimes tiny worlds in the matrix of the paintings that I only became aware of after the paint had dried. They were so small that I decided to have them scanned and enlarged in an artprint (giclee). What I saw when the prints were made astonished me. Tiny specks were revealed to be beings, with clothing and faces and hair

The Angel from Romania

She was clearly from another planet, and she had my complete attention from the moment i saw her. It had been just another Art show until then, but now the crowds shifted into the background as she stepped slowly but pointedly towards me. Some sort of energy seemed to pass between us as I held my hands out in an open way and said "I love the clothing you are wearing...." She was dressed all in white, a tunic sort of thing, with long pants. A weird peach-colored headwrap, not quite a turban, but close. A strand of pastel beads hung low, with a sort of Coptic cross worn closer to her neck. Dark sunglasses that seemed to hide a dark pair of eyes that I wished i could see a little better. A cora

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